Anyone Else Notice That joe biden Keeps On plagiarizing?

Has this guy EVER had an original thought in his muddled brain??

He reportedly has copied bernie’s socialist platform.

He completely stole everything trump is doing/has done on covid, with no original plans at all. Yet he blames trump for not doing the things he says he wants to do, which are already being done.

I guess when you’ve spent a lifetime cheating off the work of others…


Desperation. Fear.



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Plagiarizing means “copying”.

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Anyone Else Notice That joe biden Keeps On plagiarizing?



Maybe. But I think it’s more likely that Biden’s brain has turned to jello.

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I have noticed.

You are 100% correct on the CV19 response.

Biden copied it word for word.

It is really tacky and weak.

I especially noticed the CV19 plagiarism because we were all REALLY LOOKING for better ideas.

Hidin’ Biden didn’t have any.


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Plagiarism is what Melania did to Michelle’s speech.

Biden and Bernie have been working together to form a platform.


Wrong topic. Trying to turn every topic into a Trump topic is rude. Have you tried starting a thread on this?

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I have been gone for awhile. I must have missed you becoming a mod. Congratulations!

Clearly the op doesn’t understand what plagiarism is. I gave an example, then I pointed out how Biden is not plagiarizing Bernie, that they are working together. I am sorry you didn’t follow. HTH.


No its not rude its a natural evolution of a discussion about plagiarizing without trolling of derailing a thread

You dont control the discussion everyone who contribtes to the thread controls it.


His “transform America” sure does ring a bell.

Assuming you were posting on topic… .
Yes. That might be why he has no original thought. His brain is paralyzed with desperation and fear.

Can you prove that?

Biden’s trying to keep MLK Jr’s plagiarism dream alive.
If you didn’t write it, claim it.
If you did write it, it’s not worth claiming.

Just read it.

He’s still got nothing on the First Lady as far as plagiarism goes…

Beat me to it.

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Oh sure he does.

And besides, which one is running for President?

He dropped out after that scandal hit.

But…other posters have said that what was done in the past doesn’t matter.