Anyone else getting ads when you click

…the post arrows and notifications?

Not sure if this is a bug, or not, but often when clicking the arrows that take you back to a previous post and the notifications, I’m getting pop-ups.


Me too.

Yup. Gotta make that green.

What the heck is an ad? :rofl:


No reason why anyone should be seeing ads in 2023.

Though of course ad revenue is how this site pays for itself. But thats not my problem :grinning:

Do tell!

Yes. Once in a while.
About 1-in-20 times or so.

I’ll try to take a screen shot next time it happens.

Yup. The wages if a free forum. They don’t bug me, I am happy we’re all here.

I just got another ad.

It “clicks through” very quickly and easily. I have no objection.

You guys with super powers need not participate in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bob…Bob…Bob…Ill second that. :sweat_smile:

I remmember in early 60s…TV had like 3 stations…LOL
But there were no montly bills for the service.
Ads paid for it.
Then they added ads AND bill for service.
Gradualy…more ads in one minute than minutes of a show.
I timed it once…54 minutes of ads and 46 minutes of a show.
Now I see…a show starts at the top of an hour and first 5 minutes is ADS.
I am so fed up and disgusted with people lacking passion to avoid being cheated.
Hellooooo…idle ass-bitters…do something noble.
Get of the couch, gather people to buy an athena and ditch the service fee…I betcha something would change.

Of course the site needs revenue. I just wanted to make sure this was supposed to be happening, and my commuter didn’t have an issue.

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You children need to grow up and learn how to internet already. It’s 20 ■■■■■■■ 23 for crying out loud. :rofl:

I’m old. I’m past learning. :wink:


Was having the same problem. I changed my settings my settings in Google. Believe it was under personalize. Stop most of the ads and it is not as glitchy. Prior to this I was also getting apps added to my phone.

Yes Giant Ads suddenly. Top Middle and Bottom. Even clicking “reply” causes bottom ad to pop up.

Nothing changed on my end.


Yeah. Its new. They suck.

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SO I am now reinstalling the Secure Browser. At least they could use clickbait ads for an even sleazier look. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had that this morning. I switched off ad block on my iphone, turned it back on and rebooted my phone. Ads gone.