Anybody lucky enough to win lottery to see Mt. Rushmore fireworks in person on July 3rd?

For the 1st time in like 13 years it’s a go for full fireworks display including military fly over this most famous American landmark.

If not in person, I am sure there will be an assortment of tv stations broadcasting it too…

That ought to be a nice show to attend. Shame I won’t be able to. Might have to take the kids up there some time before they tear it all down. lol

if you are in the area, the laser show at the Crazy Horse monument is most impressive

I was planning on going to Deadwood this weekend but decided not to. Don’t want to have to fight the traffic nightmare, even though I would be an hour or so from Mt. Rushmore. I got to go last week and might go next week

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I’d love too! Been there once. What an inspiring place. I’m sure CNN and MSNBC won’t show it. They will probably be endlessly babbling on about Covid again. They can take a 10 minute story and make it last 12 hours. Which is why their ratings suck.

Have they finished it yet?

not even close… they have his face mostly done…

Too bad you can’t make it this year.

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Rofl I was thinking the same thing. A few years now it will be “See that mountain kids with the graffiti in blood red that says WhiTe PeOplE SucK!!!, that used to be Mt. Rushmore and contained four of what used to be considered forever up until last year the best presidents of the U.S.”