Anybody in the market for an RV?

Driving around town the last few days I noticed For Sale signs on a handful of RVs. Over the past year during the pandemic sales of RVs really took off. Now I’m thinking a lot of people are finding out RV ownership is like owning a boat and are now trying to get rid of them. Might be a good time in the near future to find some decent prices.

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“Van Life” is becoming extremely popular. RV’s are a hot ticket item, especially ones being used for parts.

How interesting the day this post was created I’m engrossed in the novel Search for Her, whose drama revolves around a cross country trip in a rental RV:

He’s fast paced and gets to the point right away. So far a thriller of a ride.

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Give Cousin Eddie a call…:sunglasses:

I don’t know if it’s just Florida, but I’ve worked on quite a few RV friendly vacation homes (there are whole neighborhoods of them here) and have yet to meet a single liberal minded person. I chat with them often and it’s not hard to tell after a few minutes, nor is it unusual for politics to come up. Could be a factor that some new RV owners found out they just don’t meld with the company so to speak and are choosing things they enjoy more.