Any Scripture and Discontinuing Medical Treatment

The Abrahamic faiths forbid suicide. But do they consider discontinuing medical treatment with a lot of toxic side effects, or that will provide more risk than benefits, to be suicide?

A Christian singer named Joey Feek had the dilemma of deciding whether or not to continue medical treatment after her extensively treated cervical cancer returned to her colon. She decided in weighing risks against possible benefits to discontinue treatment, dying comfortably by family last year.

I finally on YouTube got to see a very old film, “Sunshine”, about a very young woman facing the same dilemma. She decided the effects of radiation, chemo, & pain pills made her a poor mother to her child, & discontinued treatment, dying near her husband in hospital.

I saw both sides of the dilemma in that movie—is it suicide or dying with dignity? What do any religious scriptures say about that topic?

I wont speak regarding scripture, but I’ve seen terminal cancer first hand (as I’m sure many here have) and the treatment and emotional toll can be nasty. I dont consider not taking treatment suicide, if you’re going to die despite it. Having said that, it’s important to listen to your doctor regarding your treatment options because who knows maybe there is a chance it will work, even if very unlikely

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Why would there be any problem with opting out of treatment?

100 years ago you would just die.

As for suicide unless someone understands the complex issues going on inside another it is hard to say.

You ask a great question and I don’t have a great answer. I would say though, be strong and of good courage. If your decision, what ever it is, is based on love, I don’t see how any choice is wrong in the eyes of The Lord.

Treatment or no treatment, either case takes an incredible amount of strength and courage for terminal cancer. It’s hard enough knowing that in the next 6 - 12 months you’re going to be dead, let alone, living with that, and making peace with yourself, family, and friends.

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Just a word of advice if you are told you only have a few months to live make peace but remember there is a chance that you may live and if you do you will live with the consequences of your words.


Today we have found common ground. I agree whole heartedly.


Thanks Smyrna. I should clarify thankfully I don’t have cancer at this point in time.

I’ve gotten curious as I’ve known a few around me who’ve fought the fight, as well as seeing recently a few tearjerker films about less known but actual individuals facing it.

I’ll keep all suggestions in mind if I or someone close faces the battle though.

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