Any One Want a Music Discussion?

When I saw this Hannity Community here, I knew here I’d find LOTS of new friends. And one of the things I like to talk about, besides politics is music. I like ALL kinds of music EXCEPT rap and hiphop. My favorite singers and groups are: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond, the Moody Blues, Elton John, Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, the Doobie Brothers, and quite a few others.
Now it’s your turn. Who are YOUR favorite singers and groups?
PS. Oh yeah, I LOVE Oldies but Goodies, too!

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“I like ALL kinds of music EXCEPT rap and hiphop.”

I used to feel that way, but there are a few hiphop songs from 10 or so years ago I don’t mind. One, “The Roses”, is about a really arrogant young woman. Usher’s “Let it Burn” is the meltdown of a relationship that just isn’t working.

I like most of the groups you mentioned–shame about Neil Diamond developing Parkinsons and no longer being able to perform–as well as a little bit of country and western.

Oldies are fun, but, quite frankly, some of the newer music isn’t half bad. I suspect these performers haven’t had as much of a chance to make names for thermselves as the musicians of decades ago.

I’m mostly a rocker, but I also like Sinatra and Tony Bennett, Hank Williams Sr (and traditional country in general).and Miles Davis, to name but a few. I’m not much of a rap fan, though I get what it’s about.

And I forgot Leon Redbone, who’s in my avi.

Rap and hiphop aren’t music. ; )

I have been exploring a variety of musical genres recently.

YouTube is such a boon - there’s so much available there from classical to film scores to music videos.

I recently found Gustav Dudamel, a Venezuelan conductor. This guy really loves what he does.

I like anything with great guitar playing in it. Rock, metal, jazz, blues and classical can easily be found in my collection. It can be Robert Johnson one day, Eddie Van Halen the next and Wes Montgomery the day after. Oh, even country with great pickers like Brad Paisley and Johnny Hiland.

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Metal and Jazz are my favorites.

Be’Lakor, Danzig, Vektor, Kreator, and Slayer
Gerry Mulligan, Horace Silver, Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, and John Coltrane

Just to name a few.

I was raised on Elvis, so I’m also up for some classic rock and blues; Zeppelin, Rolling Stones. I’m not really a Beatles fan though. I can appreciate their importance in music, but I don’t listen to them.

It’s simultaneously fun and frustrating to attempt playing over the changes of “Giant Steps”. One has to really have it together for that one.

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my wife reacts the same to John Coltrane as she does to punk rock. It’s all way too erratic for her.