Antifa As A Political Force and Why Trump Is Hated

This thread is about this movement, not other movements.

Yes…but again the democrat leadership had basically picked up that philosophy. It’s not just about going after Trump, his supporters must be punished as well.

No, being a fascist is bad…

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The old guard? They have no clue what they picked up. They don’t begin to understand any of this.

this post reads like a thesis statement to an appeal for appeasement.

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Good post every comment on point but I can sum up the movement in a few words,… Sedition, Anarchy & Treason!

Of course there’s a shared (to a reasonable degree) philosophy behind antifa. Most are ancoms, right now, though I suspect a number of sympathizers have swelled the ranks that simply hate racists and the right wing.

As for antifa “having” a publishing company, meh. I see a guy co-signing so it appears that way.

Actually I think they do.

More extreme the left becomes more so-called moderates they look. At least that’s one line of thinking.

As for controlling what they have created might be another story. Antifa make a left-wing Jerry Nadler looking like a saint.

Until people like Polosi see Antifa doing serious harm to their brand, they will remain silent.

“We shall then exclaim: once again—hail insurrection!”
Lenin, 1905, The Political Strike and the Street Fighting in Moscow.

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What movement? The antifa? Who makes up exactly what percentage of the population?

I do not consider everyone who voted for trump evil.

Sorry to spoil the movement.



Something something vladimir lenin, so yes.

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Sedition and treason? This is much larger than one country.

How much research have you done on this topic?

It can be both.

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Thank you, all of them?

Sounds fine. Why not?

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Those “opponents” are always guilty of what they accuse others of, it never fails! :woman_shrugging:t2:


Let’s see. None.

I know unmitigated hogwash when I see it.

Since you asked me a question and I answered let’s see if you can return the favor.

What percentage of the citizenry of the United States is antifa adherents?

My guess is really really low?

What’s yours.

Hard to have a political movement with only fractional support.



Pretending everyone you oppose is a fascist is bad now.

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