Anti vaxx tourists from Texas assault NYC restaurant hostess

If more people minded their own snot-nosed business, there would be less profits for the TV from programming gullible tools. :wink:


Is this another I hate the south thread?

What difference does it make where they came from, which the article makes sure to point out?

Obnoxious is obnoxious, whether it’s a native born New Englander holding up a line insisting some clerk in Massachusetts say “Merry Christmas” as “it’s a Catholic majority state”, rather than the “Happy Holidays” he’s been asked to say (actually happened), or assaulting a waitress in New York.

We have the same mandate in New Orleans. No big deal. Hurricanes are a big deal.

Is it my fault the people were from Texas.

When do facts become blurry.

They were from Texas.

They were tourists.

They did assault a restaurant hostess for no good reason right down the street from me.

When I visit a place I treat the residents with respect.

Obviously these tourists don’t fall into that category.



And of course a yahoo is a brute in human form, which these people are.



You guys would have done great in World War Two with the rationing. And polio would still be with us if it happened now.

What has happened to America?

Six is right about one thing. It’s the TV.

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As 10000 covid spreaders gather under a border bridge in Texas…you post nonsense.

The greater good ■■■■ will never flush.

The WW2 fascist were bold…not subtle…like now.

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Nonsense. 3 people were arrested over this nonsense.


If the restaurant offered out door dining maybe the family didn’t want that. In any case it was an assault on that poor hostess and justice should prevail, however we are talking NYC where BLM activity is given a pass so maybe the black family will play the BLM “get out of jail” free card! :woman_shrugging:

Very little BLM activity in front of carmines, which is a near where I work.

Good food BTW.


If they didn’t want outdoor dining, then get take out.

Give it time since it appears BLM has free reign in NYC. Maybe if the tourist family does file a civil suit against the city they can ask, or demand, BLM be painted on the street in front of Carmines.

I haven’t seen a BLM anything in months.

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I do believe the NYC chapter is wondering where their money went:

But they have a free reign.


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BLM have branches all over the country so what if that Texas family was part of their local branch?

Well… other than that silliness.

The rules in NYC are that one must show proof of vaccination for indoor dining.

They were free to use the outdoor dining or order takeout but instead they decided to be big babies and take it out on someone who had nothing to do with making the rule.

Takeout is good at Carmines. Yum.


I know :roll_eyes: and it’s a form of discrimination and segregation which should ring a bell since both are illegal.

Justice should prevail for the attack on the poor hostess and I never said otherwise, my point is the vax mandate itself is illegal based on Federal law enacted to primarily protect the civil rights of minorities but apply to everyone.

And the irony of leftist policies couldn’t get any better in this case since it involves a minority African American family :crazy_face: And after they pay the price for the crime of assault on the hostess, they can turn around and sue NYC for violation of their civil rights.