ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook Introducing ‘TRUSTWORTHINESS RATING’ for All Users | Sean Hannity

Social media giant Facebook is quietly introduced new technology that assigns its users a “trustworthiness score” between zero and ten; ranking people who appear to be malicious actors as a method of cracking down on “fake news.”

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The Communist Chinese are doing it, so why wouldn’t Facebook get into the act as well? The owners are far left.

Chinese Government rolls out trust ratings to combat corruption

In a bid to generate a ‘sincerity culture’, the Chinese Government is in the process of providing every citizen with a trustworthiness rating.

By 2020, the government hopes that the system will “ensure that those keeping trust receive benefits in all respects, and those breaking trust meet with difficulty at every step”, according to an official state planning document. The Communist Party of China further argues that it is the key to bringing about a sincerity culture across the whole society, in which “keeping trust is glorious, and breaking trust is disgraceful”.

I thought this idea of Facebooks sounded like something a tyrannical government would employ. Imagine my surprise when China is doing it.

Is this just irony? Is this fake news about Facebook? Or is the absurd notion actually the truth?