Another Warning Libs

Very much so…

Better the view more out of touch they become.

The demographics are democrat!

They aren’t running democrats, they’re running bat ■■■■ crazy libs.

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They used to be inclusive. Now, it is you are either for us or you are the enemy.


Bottom line libs being authoritarians needs goverment dependency. With goverment handouts come conditions…and those conditions line the pockets of elitist snobs.

So who’s promoting their radicalism? I wonder how many libs ever asked themselves that question.

They still are. Just look at the Democrats in Congress vs Republicans. One side looks like America… while the other side looks like Norway

And this poll was run before Sondland testified

Trump exposed the hypocrisy. He’s governing as a moderate democrat and people like it.

He sure broke the inertia.

I wish the republicans were smart enough to take advantage of it.

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You’re right, it would be dangerous to let voters decide President Trump’s fate.

You can’t do that.

The biggest mistake dems can make is start with purity tests. That’s the problem with the candidates.

Well in a representative republic/democracy, an impeachment a are the voters deciding…

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I care little about polling for the impeachment whether it hurts or helps either party. It is essential that the House actbin their role as a check to the corruption rampant in the Executive branch. Otherwise future preseidents will think they can do the same thing with no repurcussions. Unacceptable.

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That’s what frustrate me. They really blown it.

Hopefully republicans can retake the house riding Trump coattail.

Then have successful presidency for final 4 years thous setting up possible real conservative to win in 2024.

But again maybe I’m asking too much.

Moderate Democrat?


Nothing the dems are doing are out of bounds. You may not like it but they have the right and power to do something

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They worry about “the base” too much. “The base” isn’t going to switch sides. Trump showed them how to do it.


Look at his court picks, tax cuts, increase in military spending.

That just screams moderate Democrat…

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There is nothing like the past three years that exposes the hypocrisy. I, for one, am glad to see the establishment getting knocked back and exposed for what they are.

Clearly, they are not. They can weather through 4 years and they can weather through another 4 years before everything returns to status quo.


We arent worried about the base