Another Warning Libs

The latest national poll from Emerson College finds 45 percent oppose impeaching President Trump, against 43 percent who support it. That’s a 6-point swing in support from October, when 48 percent of voters supported impeachment and only 44 percent opposed.

They’re rejecting you. Once again you started a shooting war with your BFA on the end of the barrel. And now Graham is going to investigate Biden?

You will you be left with?

Trump beat you like a rented mule. Again.



And Nunes is going to be investigated.

And FOIA requests are going to expose Pompeo to scrutiny.

And Giuliani is about to get exposed in a Ukrainian natgas political access scheme…the other thing he was doing while in the Ukraine inventing stories with Firtash/DiGenova/Toensing/Shokin. This one may pull in Rick Perry as well.

The Dems and GOP eating each other.

People like Putin and Xi will cheer.

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Vanity Fair. Baston of Conservative thought.


As do I.

Not concerned. I’m told on here that polls mean nothing. Still a long time to go before next November to be putting much faith in them anyway.

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Why warn the demographic you hate, in the nation you don’t belong to? Sit back and enjoy another 4 years of your corrupt NY Dem POTUS.


Ah, the smell of fear.


I don’t doubt it.

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You betcha. Let them all rat each other out.

Hell the radical left has gone totally insane.

But I support the extreme elements in thee party…and if Nancy Pelosi and DNC doesn’t listen they need to run as third party.

Because they will in effect turn their backs on millennials.

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No they haven’t. Millennials are not running to the Grand OLD party. Demographics are not in cons favor. This impeachment won’t affect that.

The radical left may be insane, but they’re running things.

We are far from this being over and as the last 24 hours have shown, there is a lot more evidence coming out…

Maybe…if they nominate the wrong person they will feel they’re not being listen too.

If they really want to be taken serious they need to run a third party.

If this was a week from now you’ll have a point. I’ll wait

The only way Dems have a chance in 2020 after this failed impeachment attempt is to make Tulsi Gabbard their nominee but AOC and the crazy left won’t let them. Good luck libs I’ll be laughing when Trump wins.

From Vanity Fair:

but among the 11 issues that Politico and Morning Consult tested, impeachment ranked last, well below the deficit at 74%, health care at 72%, and infrastructure at 70%. Even Trump’s absurd border wall scored as a higher priority for Independents.

Even the absurd border wall.

Are they tone deaf?


Just more proof they aren’t the party of the people as they claim.

The people in the ant hills on the coasts maybe.

That is correct. The only remaining demographic which leans Republican is older white males without a college degree. Every other major demographic leans Democrat. Millennials are 2:1 Democrat:Republican when looking at voting trends. I wouldn’t hold my breath that the millennials will flip Republican.