Another Texas house seat up for grabs

What’s up with all the retirements?

Exhausting and often embarrassing.

Multiple things. For starters, they have access to all of the internal polling data from the RNCC. They are obviously seeing some pretty dreary results.

Second, serving in the GOP after the Trump takeover does a number on people with even a modicum of introspection. This requires little other commentary.

Lastly, serving in the House while in the minority is fairly pointless. Your only task is to gum up the works of the majority, which is tedious and does little to nothing for your constituents.

I agree with all of your points. In addition, I think that there will be races that the RNC will give little or no money to. I can see where the bulk of their money will be spent trying to save their majority in the Senate.

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Another very good point. And even though there are different Congressional funds for the Senate and the House, the majority of PAC money will undoubtedly go towards attempting to preserve the majority in the Senate.

The RCCC internal polling must be miserable to have all these “spend more time with my family” moments a year and a half out.