Another super-spreader event involving vaccinated sophisticated Democrats?

Thanks for alternative media the people wouldn’t know about this super spreader event.

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Evidence as CNN is silent about it. :wink:

Then why the large tents? Tents are incubators.

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Actually, the more likely scenario is that everybody was vaccinated.

Been to the Vineyard?

Mmm neahhh, the Obama soirée rates of infection pale in comparison to the southern border Covid outbreak. Nothing to see here so move along you unsophisticated scum! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The number of cases was increasing before the event. The only cases that are mentioned appear to be people working on the island.

It is likely that any guests who got COVID during their visit would have left the island before they showed obvious symptoms. They could have gotten COVID from the workers who were already infected, from other guests, or from staff brought to the island for the event.

The number of reported cases is most likely just the tip of the iceberg.

Been to the Vineyard, Bill?

Because they report every single anti-vaxx death with glee that’s turned around and posted here. Sturgis was made an example of.

Now it’s ‘why do we need to know this stuff’?

No, do you have any insights?

It’s not super likely that the event staff are residents.

I have been to the Outer Banks. Most of the people working there rent a room during the summer tourist season, so they are temporary residents.

You understand that the Vineyard is larger that just Obama’s house, right?

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The Vineyard is expensive. Prohibitively so. It’s not really a place where people are seasonally bunked, because real estate is at a premium. There are a few moored vessel arrangements, but even those are very high end.

That’s why it’s not so simple just to do the whole Obama Party = outbreak. For starters, the event was for the tested/vaxxed.

Most everyone who doesn’t own or rent on the islands is a day transient. That’s just a high vector environment on its own.

According to Wikipedia there are 16,535 permanent residents. The summer population is probably a couple of times higher. Between guests all the support staff, reporters, security, etc. the total number people there for Obama’s party could have exceeded 1000 people.

74 people got infected on the island. Several were workers in places where Obama’s guests were hanging out. Given the infection rate, it is likely that guests and related visitors left the island with COVID or brought it to the island.

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The islands get a small summer bump, but nothing like the Keys, Banks or Gulf spots. The Vineyard is an enclave, Bill, not a tourist trap. Think more Newport, RI, or City Island and less Ocean City or Orange Beach. Most everyone going to MV or Nan is a day tripper.

I assume that the workers in the hotels and restaurants stay on the island.

It is a 45-minute ferry ride to the mainland. They would spend more time commuting than working if they had to sleep off the island.

Bill, what kind of people do you think overnight for 600 to 2.5k a night?

Summer workers share a room or pitch a tent.

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They weren’t from “the Vineyard” tzu.