Another step forward for transgender equality today

Amber McLaughlin, a male to female transgender, was executed by Missouri today. He committed the murder and was tried and sentenced to death as Scott McLaughlin.

Equal access to justice prevailed. :smile:

After the events of today, I felt the need to come out of left field with a thread like this. :smile:


Wonder why a court of appeals didnโ€™t grant a stay of execution due to the fact this he/she/it is obviously a mentally diseased nutcase


Donโ€™t be dense

He died the way he a lived - a piece of โ– โ– โ– โ–  .

The End.


Murderer put to death, Pervert removed from society. Two birds with one stone! Good job Missouri!


I would note I was being somewhat facetious and sarcastic in posting this thread.

The death penalty was appropriate for this individual.

His gender or transgender status should have no effect on the sentence he received.

And it did not, for when it was rendered, he was still a natural born male with no transgender status.


Curious as to who paid for the transition if there was oneโ€ฆโ€ฆ

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Good point.

You were cribbing from Matt Walsh.

At least give him credit, man!


Tootles, pipski to the man.