Another State Joins the Early Voting Process Today, 9/17/20

The new state that started early voting today is Wisconsin , which will begin mailing out ballots after declining to put Kanye West and the Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins on their Presidential ballot.

For those keeping track

Mailed out ballots:

North Carolina -9/4
Kentucky - 9/14
Wisconsin - 9/17

Began in-person early voting:

Pennsylvania - 9-14

And these 4 states have begun this process without the benefit of having a single presidential debate beforehand.

It should be noted that President Trump requested multiple times to have the debate schedule moved up, but his opponent and the debate commission both declined to accommodate his requests.

The President is free to do more town halls to get his message out to the people

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Vote Early. Vote Often!

What does that matter? If people choose to watch the debates before casting their vote, then they have every freedom in the world to do so. Isn’t freedom of choice awesome!

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For those who at this late date haven’t decided who they are voting for, they certainly have the option of watching as many debates as they need to in order to make their decision and then vote. For others like myself who already know how we want to vote, it’s nice to be able to go ahead and take care of it.

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Whining about losing isn’t a good look.


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We already have our North Carolina ballots.

Long since decided all the top of the ballot stuff. Still pondering a few Council of State and Judicial races.

Great News! Very exciting!

Thanks for the update, should be a good one!

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It’s nice to have options. No need to wait 47 days when I’ve already made my decision. Now I can just sit back and relax on Election Day instead of social distancing in a long line waiting to vote. Win/win.


He’s been holding a lot of super spreaders lately. Isn’t that enough?
At this point there is not a lot of people to persuade. Most have made up their minds.

Wait, what? No one HAS to vote early. If someone wants to watch all 3 debates before voting, what’s stopping them?

I have to wait after the first presidential debate before I get my mail-in ballot.