Another One of The Old True Believers Gone

Rot in hell, murderous scum.


In the US our Marxist terrorists rarely go to prison. Instead they become mentors for the next generation of Marxist leaders.


carrying out bombings and assassination operations, which by official accounts killed more than 30,000 Peruvians during the next 20 years.

Another 30,000 Peruvians died at the hands of the government and paramilitary groups in the fight against the group, a government commission said in 2003.

60,000 died as a result

Awwww what a shame. So anyway, think the Yankees might start winning again?

Guzman was a college professor.

So is Bill Ayers.

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Good riddance to bad rubbish

Columbia U. Critical pedagogy.

Had to look that one up. And yes

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They call Marcuse “an obscure this and that…”

He was the father of The New Left.


I admit I had no idea who he was.

Doing some basic reading, it appears that he should have been taken care of in 1992 in the most violent way possible.

Good riddance to a piece of trash.

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If the foul influences of supposedly unimportant men like Gramsci or Marcuse disappeared from the lives and thought processes of Leftwingers would the new them even recognize themselves in their own thoughts?

Interesting question. No, I don’t believe so. The ends justify the means. Just look at how they rationalize the purges.

Marcuse was holding Mao up as an example while the “Culture Revolution” was murdering millions.

Well, you can’t be useful to Soviet style tyrants without being an idiot.

The thing about it is, the diagnosis is not wrong (at least not always completely.)

It’s the prescription that is horrible.

Prescriptions demanding a certain diagnosis is more like it.

You have a point.