Another Heartwarming Story About Unhinged Libs Threatening Republicans/Family

A Buffalo, NY area resident is accused of threatening two GOP members of Congress. Carlos Bayon, of Grand Island, New York reportedly left threatening voice mail messages for 2 Congressman.

One of the threats was left for House Whip Steve Scalise, who was shot last year by a crazed LIBERAL DEMOCRAT during softball practice, and his family. According to investigators part of the recording specifically threatened Scalise’s children.

“Hey listen, this message is for you and the people that sent you there. You are taking ours, we are taking yours. Anytime, anywhere,” Bayon allegedly threatened Rep. Scalise on June 30. “We know where they are. We are not going to feed them sandwiches, we are going to feed them lead. Make no mistake you will pay. Ojo por ojo, diente por diente. That is our law and we are the majority. Have a good day.” (Translated: Eye for eye, tooth for tooth)

Is this what maxine and cory had in mind?? I’m thinking yes.

We need to ban liberalism start locking these anti America terrorist yp

jim acosta has reportedly said

Hopefully this dumbass is on his way to the graybar hotel for 3-5 followed by deportation.

There are lunatics on both sides of the aisle. Hopefully, he gets the mental health he needs before he hurts someone.

Maxine Waters is another story. She is disgraceful.

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This is his fault?

Just another day in WNY.

Really? I just drove through Grand Island going to/coming from Toronto last week. I didn’t stop, but is it really that crazy??

So a left wing nut job is arrested for this but most on the left are directing their outrage towards poor victimized Jim Acosta.

Yes, it is that crazy. I’m surprised this guy only made threats. Typically they find one of our resident psychos already on the way with a firearm.

Well, one is a conflict between characters we know. The scalise story doesn’t have that since nobody knows the bad guy, and it doesn’t have any of the action that a story with faceless badguys would require to be interesting. It just doesn’t work as news. When he was shot, that was news because something happened.

Audiences need more of a spectacle for this story to be interesting.

Jim Acosta is now…Jim Accosted.:sunglasses:

Unhinged Libs?

It was one man?

Orioles must have lost again. Need d to find an avenue to vent. Saw a story, saw it was presumably a Democrat threatening a Republican, and posted here. Figured that one Democrat represents ALL Democrats.

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Love how that works here, until some evil Lib posts a negative story about a Republican and intentionally or unintentionally intimates it represents all Republicans.

Then it hits the fan.


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One more in a quickly growing list.