Another Head of State is on the death bed, but instead of mourning, it will be more like celebrations and dancing on graves

Here is a preemptive R.I.H.

Rot in hell Khamenei.

When the news comes, I think a bottle Macallan Scotch is in order.

Yeah, yeah.

I know the new leader will be just as much, if not more a piece of ■■■■ than Khamenei.

Ever since the days of the Shah, the younger folks of Iran have lusted for a more western leaning government. This could be their chance to send a message to the government and the world that they are taking control of their government.

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Unfortunately, there is the Revolutionary Guard and various clerical militias to deal with. Now supposedly there will be a conflict between Khamenei’s son and the current President of Iran for the spot of Supreme Leader. A conflict between factions could open the door to a general uprising.

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Prolly not; they don’t vote for the Supreme Leader

“Astute Islamic Cleric Tragically Dies of Old Age”



Redundancy for the unwashed?

The older and more rural population generally prefers authoritarian religious and political conservatism.

For example, Ahmadinejad’s political base was always among the less educated, lower-middle class- and traditionalist- or religious-groups outside Iran’s big cities.

In contrast, younger, more educated Iranians tend to want a more liberal and democratic political order.

This seems vaguely familiar. . .


We love ourselves strong arm leaders but IT IS YOU LIBS WHO ARE THE REAL AUTHORITARIANS

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that headline. i can’t

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Aka death to the great satan.

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