Another convoy heading for the US border - Do we need the Minutemen?

Is it not our constitutional right as citizens to defend our country against foreign attack? Because of the Democrats in Washington, our government is unable to protect us from a foreign attack at our southern border. Should we as concerned citizens form a Minuteman militia to stop this invasion? Would it be legal? It is sad that I am even thinking about this.

Yes… Our grand parents would not be putting up with this govt sponsored invasion…

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Whatever happened to the minutemen that were going to protect our borders from terrorist invasion? Back in 2003-2004 there was a whole lot of discussion and we were told by cons these guys would be game changers.

Well said Cratic!

When Jewish asylum seekers from Germany tried to invade the United States in the late thirties our grandparents turned them away and forced them to return to their home country where the local authorities dealt with them. Just like you, our grandparents were very skilled at spotting unnecessary claims of asylum.

What a proud American tradition you’ve got ahold of there.


as a patriot once said so elequently

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