Anonymous? .? .?

What happened to anonymous?

You ok? Have no idea what you’re asking here.

The hackers that had everybody in a tizzy?

Wrong internet forum. We aren’t all anons here.

anonymouse ate the government cheese…


As far as I know, anonymous is still an adjective.

Has something happened to change that?

anonymous that wrote the Op ed in the NYT. seems everybody forgot

They’re getting their masks polished.

so little about woodward’s book as well

No worries, Pence still has his job.

Quiet before the storm, trust the plan.

Sessions, not Pence

Could be, there are so many to choose from.

How was it a big thread when it was published? Did it get 400 replies instantly?

No human has ever given birth to a 400-pound baby. Like babies, all threads start off tiny.

Maybe you mean that you wrote a lot.

Just look in a bigger thread. My guess is that it is currently being digested there.

then I am sure you have a link, as opposed to an unfounded assumption

Sometimes the mods will delete threads. Sometimes they lock them so they’ll die off with time. Apparently troll threads are against the rules.

No, I only have unfounded assumptions. Unfounded assumptions have tremendous psychological benefits over actual links. I can run with an unfounded assumption for years. If I have to show you a link, then I hit a brick wall, and brick walls are boring, unless one has spray paint.

You could go to your profile and look for your post. If you click on it, you might find it in a big thread’s belly. If so, don’t tell me. I’m enjoying myself over here.

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3 weeks ago all the rage, now, not in the news. What happened.

this is not about ab thread being relocated. It is about nobody caring anymore.

Three weeks ago is ancient news in today’s news cycle.

If Trump doesn’t care about the op-ed, I’m not sure why I should.

exactly the point. all the rage then gone. what made it go away, Rosenstein or what?