Ann Coulter Trying to destroy The Best President in our lifetime

Ann Coulter is driving me :rage: Why isn’t this bi mouth President ? I can’t stand her bashing, did she do it to other conservative President’s
I hear she with Romney would this be the reason…I’d say for sure!

Pretty simple really, fat donald promised a big, beautiful wall and he didn’t deliver.

In Trump we trust, e pluribus awesome!

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Here’s an idea, maybe he isn’t the best president in our lifetime. Do you wonder why so many people from both parties dislike Trump?

Like I said in a similar thread - I consider Coulter’s career parasitical, engaging in agitprop for profit. I’d like nothing better than to see her retreat with her millions into a reclusive life where she never throws rhetorical bombs again.

That said? I’m loving this. :wink:

Hello newcomer.

Just curious what about Donald Trump’s political history makes you believe he deserves the distinction as the “Best President in our Lifetime”?

Ann Coulter, an idiot criticizing a fool…not sure what you’re complaining about.

Bearing in mind Coulter only started to come to prominence as a commentator during the Clinton years there is only one other Republican President during this time and that was Bush. And we all know how many conservatives now detest Bush.

Do you really consider Trump a conservative president?

I hope Coulter continues to slap Donnie’s buns. It gets him so agitated and furious. He’s so driven by his uncontrollable emotions, and ol’ Annie knows just how to push his fee-fees.


We got the shut down because she stopped following him on Twitter. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Methinks that she has lost her position as one of the chief policy makers.

Everything Coulter says is to sell her books. She mentions one in every other sentence.

Wait - how is Ann Coulter trying to destroy Ronald Reagan? I thought the remarks quoted in the OP were about Trump…

(and yes, I know - there may be some who don’t think Reagan was the greatest president of our lifetime - lol)