Ann Coulter - from Trump girl to Bernie girl?

Too funny

“What we need is comprehensive immigration reform. If you open the borders, my God, there's a lot of poverty in this world, and you're going to have people from all over the world. And I don't think that's something that we can do at this point. Can't do it. So that is not my position,” Sanders said.

Coulter, who authored the book “In Trump We Trust” ahead of the 2016 election, was an early supporter of Donald Trump but has since become a vocal critic of the president for not keeping his campaign promise of building a wall at the southern border.

Yeah, I am sure Bernie would be beside himself at the opportunity to have her running part of his administration.

I will always laugh at the title of her last book.

I don’t think she’s lobbying for a cabinet role; simply considering voting for him

Is she about to release another book or something?

One of the greatest examples of literary genius ever.


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“Adios America Parte Dos - Why Loco Bernie is our last chance to Make America White Again”


No? I figured this was useless castle banter, but I gave it the old college try in giving a crap anyway. Ah well, there’s always the prospect of something newsworthy happening tonight. :slight_smile:

Every other sentence she utters from now till 2020 will mention her new book.

Every time I hear that title, I think of Lucy “holding” the football for Charlie Brown - then… fooled once again. :rofl:

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Unlike 99.999% of Trumpists, Ann actually has the integrity to admit she’d been fooled.

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She’s referring to 2015 Bernie’s immigration stance, he doesn’t talk that way now.

Yup. And according to Ann, Trump hasn’t talked (or more importantly, acted) the way he did in 2015 either.

This is true as well.

Crazy how when Coulter was firmly behind Trump, his supporters would talk about how Coulter was a brave conservative voice but now that she dares to question his holiness she is shunned. I have even seen some Trump supporters call her a RINO and a globalist.

I swear to god Trump supporters just throw out those terms with absolutely no though to what they mean.

Trump supporters view Trump as King. Everything else evolves to keep King Trump at the top. They’ll praise someone one day, then as soon as Trump doesn’t like them/it, his supporters turn and discredit.

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Ann who?

I used to like Ann Coulter. She was never afraid of going against the mainstream of her party if she felt they were wrong. That’s why I feel she was a natural fit for a Donald Trump supporter. He doesn’t care about the Republican party either.

Now though I feel I might have judged her too quickly. Her TDS is showing through. Nobody questions Donald Trump who has any integrity. She was probably pretending to be a conservative just so that she could pull this gimmick in order to make Donald Trump look bad. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

There are a lot of things I’d do for the all might $$, but forever attaching my name to such a piece of literature…it would take a pretty decent amount of $$ to consider that.

He doesn’t? How is what he said there drastically different than what he said in the recent town hall on Fox?