Anglophilia in US Politics

What is the fascination with englishmen in US politics?

Steele, that Pier idiot. After the Goresuch interview, FNC has some guy named Steve Hilton on The Next Revolution.

Is there a shortage of political pundits in this country or something?

Do they not know these people sound like nails on a chalkboard to A True Conservative?

Not sure how any of the so called conservatives on this forum can consider themselves true conservatives as they dont just support Trump but they worship him.

May guess is there isn’t enough conservatives in American so they have to improvise.

Or they just work for less.

American accents seem to have a volume limit where the speaker starts to sound unhinged and ignorant.

Stuart Varney is probably among the loudest of the yelling pundits on fox networks but nobody notices it because he is britishly loud. It makes for good television when you have a guy who can be emotional and high energy without sounding offensive.

Americans have a tendency to associate a home counties English accent with intelligence.

That’s why so many Hollywood baddies are English.

As someone who has a home counties English accent I can assure you this is thoroughly undeserved, but it does make it easy to get laid over there.

Oh and Steve Hilton is an absolute fraud and is considered a joke back home now. Also, why did you send piers Morgan back???

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An English accent always enhances the experience:

I’d like to thank whoever moved this thread to the graveyard and deleted the trigglypuff, but left the TDS post at #2.

Your always complaining about your threads been moved. Just post in the right sections to begin with and hey presto no more complaining.

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