Andrew Gillum’s platform: free government cheese, abolish ICE and impeach Trump


Yes! Gillum is trying to buy and election by offering free government cheese, e.g., government controlled and provided health care which is free for the lazy and unproductive, but not free for those who labor and produce the cheese.

He also wants taxpayers to pay for college tuition fees. But the irrefutable truth is, Gillum’s plan for taxpayer financed college tuition will be paid for by confiscating and redistributing the paychecks of millions of college graduates who worked for and paid their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.

This free cheese, snake oil salesman, Gillum, also wants to raise the nation’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, which has already proven to be devastating to many small business owners in cities adopting this socialist mandated wage, forcing them to let go of some employees, close down, or relocate in order to remain afloat. But the most troubling thing about a socialist dictated minimum wage is, it is an attack on people being free to mutually agree in their contracts . . . one of the fundamental attributes and hallmarks of a free market system.

And if you think Gillum respects, and will yield to the will of the people, the People’s Representative in Florida’s Legislature approved a ballot measure which would require a two-thirds “supermajority” of the legislature in order to enact any new taxes, which Gillum opposes. Socialist political leaders, like Gillum, Sanders and Cortez, do not support limiting their sinister desire to have an omnipotent power over taxation, and they reject any common sense limitation which may restrict their desire to spend your earnings. Under their watch you are nothing more than a tax slave, available to be gouged to finance their socialist whims and fancies and redistributions of wealth.

Gillum has also joined with the open border crowd and their determination to abolish the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency [ICE], who, I might add, has been catching and deporting illegal entrants engaged in human trafficking, murder, rape, drug and gun running, not to mention ICE has been cleaning out local communities of MS-13 gang members who have been holding these towns hostage.

And let us not forget Gillum has appeared in a number of videos demanding that President Trump must be impeached, while suspiciously ignoring THE MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS he has achieved.

Finally, corruption occurring in Tallahassee during the Gillum Administration is, and has been, the focus of an FBI investigation for a number of years. The old saying goes, “where there’s smoke there must be fire.”


Socialism is intentionally designed to benefit politicians who confiscate and then redistribute “free government cheese”, while it punishes those who have produced the cheese.

So an FBI investigation means “where there’s smoke there must be fire.”? Hmmmmmmm…


Omg… I burst out laughing

I wonder what plea agreements, guilty pleas, convictions, indictments, etc. all mean…


I agree with Gillum

He probably doesn’t even realize what he just did there. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


JohnWK OP title:

to whit: Andrew Gillum’s platform: free government cheese, abolish ICE and impeach Trump

Lets see as governor of the state of Florida he cant do much about abolishing ICE or impeaching trump, That is in the hands of the congress.

Allan (

Stop, its what Rush probably blathered on for the first 1/2 hr of his show.

And what Sean will blather on about, then Mark, then Fox Opinion Shows, then the trickle down to the Rush wannabes on the local radio shows.

They should talk more about African American businesses going up by 400%.

A Trump supporter calling someone a snake oil salesman. LMAO! You guys are hilarious…

aw you guys got a new dem to be all scared of.

And he criticizes the jobs people have in Florida, during a period of the lowest unemployment we have ever seen, and he complains the people are only living paycheck to paycheck. So to fix that he wants to raise taxes on corporations by $1 billion.

How will Florida’s government taking a billion dollars of corporate money stop people from living paycheck to paycheck? Why is the answer always to steal money from people, and by virtue of that, people have more money in their pocket?

Except that Trump words are back up by his actions and the positive results.

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“Mexico will pay for the wall”
“ObamaCare will be repealed on Day One.”
“Hillary will be in jail on Day One”
“North Korea no longer is a nuclear threat”

Words…no actions…no positive results

Gillum doesn’t seem to understand that.


The liberty to succeed or fail at one’s own hand is a socialist’s nightmare and not the American Dream

The Florida’s Governor’s race 2018, as was the Presidential race 2016, is a contest between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.

That pretty much sums it up.


I’m sure you do. You never have tried to hide your love for socialism.


Socialism is intentionally designed to benefit politicians who confiscate and then redistribute “free government cheese”, while it punishes those who have produced the cheese.

man, Gillum just makes every Trump supporter bust out the dog whistles, huh?

sure beats capitalism, where unimaginable wealth is created yet almost no one gets to even taste it.

It isn’t. 

With socialist programs that will increase taxes for Floridians?

Transplants to the state of Florida—roughly 60% of the state’s population—move there at least in part to escape high taxes & costs of living & not to experience more of same.

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