And where’s the public outrage when South Africans practice necklacing?

South Africa’s form of justice:

Also see: Is necklacing returning to South Africa? - BBC News

12 October 2011

Earlier this year, South African townships were rocked by incidents of necklacing - mob-justice punishment in which tyres are forced over victims’ shoulders and set alight. Is this notorious form of killing from the 1980s in danger of making a comeback?


Okay. 2011.

What’s the point of your OP? Are you publicly outraged?


Can you imagine the feverish searching through history to find a black on black “lynching”? He found it!


Yes. I was outraged when these necklacings began in the 1980’s. But there was little outrage from our Fifth Column media.


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Well, you linked to my beloved mainstream media.

Why are you making an OP on something you were outraged about in the 80s?

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Did you miss the title of the thread?



No I didn’t miss the title. Why are you insisting on public outrage from something in 2011?

I heard about the practice of “necklacing” when it started in the 1980s, and I’ll cry if I watch the video.

But you’re right, John. I don’t think the lives of black people ended by other black people matter to leftists anywhere.

That’s a strange conclusion. I don’t see rightists publicly outraged about this issue?


Vigilante justice is still practiced in South Africa, and not a peep from our Fifth Column Media, MSNBC, NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, WASHINGTON POST, ATLANTIC MAGAZINE, New York Daily News, Time, ETC. The only outrage they exhibit toward such atrocities is when they can be used to advance rioting and mayhem in America’s cities, and instigate unjustified domestic violence toward America’s system of justice.


Where was Rush Limbaugh in this outrage? Or Sean Hannity? Or FoxNews?

Hardly seems a right/left issue.


I bet Fox News and Conservative Treehouse and OANN are right on this issue. So why not just share one of their links?


Well, there you have it. The whataboutism defense to obfuscate our Fifth Column Media’s refusal to bring to the attention of the American People the atrocities and vigilante justice practiced in South Africa.


China is counting on America’s Fifth Column media [MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc.], and their Yellow Journalists, to convince the public that President Trump is America’s enemy.

Ummmm…dude…your entire OP is whataboutism.


Americab barely know what’s happen in their own country you expect them to follow international news

This thread is about to get a bunch of people in trouble.

If there is a point to be made, I’m not seeing it.

Do Over chance.

Trainwreck thread.