And another one bites the dust!

It’s pretty much an Islamists Turkey shoot with this President. Who’s next? :cowboy_hat_face:

Nice kill. Do you know anything about the civil war in Yemen?

Why do you ask?

Wondering what your knowledge of the Yemen conflict is. No blame or gotchas. Few Americans know anything about it. I was curious on what you know.

Knowledge is overrated in today’s politics. Who needs it anyway.

AL-Qeada in Yemen isn’t much of a group since Al-Qeada operate in self-governed groups with little over all command killing a leader like this does little outside of the small region of control they operate in.

Zawahiri is the brains of AQ HQ which is the main command which all spliter ground swear loyality too is pretty much safe in Pakistan FATA due to their allies in the government

you would learn that AQ is little more then a such a minor player in the conflict with a few thousands followers.

Another one? Man, it’s starting to get boring with all these dead terrorist leaders.

Oh well, on to the next!