And Act Of HollyWood!

When most people go to the movies, they want to escape reality,
but when Hollywood itself becomes so radical, to the point where it doesn’t produce most of their normal liberal movies on a regular basis but has go to certain movies like Cartoons, and not their normal brainwashing liberal **, then what happens?


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What’s wrong with cartoons?

Careful, you’re letting your elitism show.

What are you talking about, did you finally see that Aruther episode were they have a gay wedding?

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Kids will want to get gay married because of that cartoon. Are you comfortable with that fact?

Worst review of “Into the Spiderverse” Evar.


The only thing that stops a bad radical liberal with a cartoon is a good patriotic conservative with a Kirk Cameron Christmas special.


I guess I won’t go see Toy Story 4…