And a special shout on on International Women's Day

I am not at all PC.

But knights, and cowboys, and saints and boy scouts, and good men of every stripe and color can recognize that women have it a little tougher than men do. And we should.

I still open doors,
and let women go first in line
and treat women with respect,
and think it is awful that they cannot go to bars without being hit one constantly.
I try to respect and protect women,
and try to treat them with and added hand-up now and again.
I raised my son to be that way.

Women are often given a double burden, career plus child raising,
there are still few good leading roles for them in Hollywood,
meaning they have fewer good role models. They fight alone.

I absolutely believe there should be a Yin-and-Yang in personal relationships
But I also believe that too often, people carry that idea into social and business settings,
leaving women at an increased disadvantage.

Nearly 1 in 5 women will be raped in her lifetime,
and while some dispute that number, rape is widespread enough that
women are far more likely than men to be the victim of a violent crime.

No politics. Not on my part anyway.
It is right to recognize, that women face additional burdens men don’t.

I feel like I am supposed to say “thank you,” but those probably aren’t the right words.
Maybe these are better:

I see you struggling.
I know that you have it harder than most.
Keep working. Keep fighting.
You have an ally.

Well done my friend. Well done


What in 2023 is “a woman”?



Wait so we decided what a woman is finally?

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Umm no they aren’t

from U.S. violent crime victims, by gender 2021 | Statista

In 2021, there were slightly more male victims of violent crim than female victims, with about 1,456,310 male victims and 1,278,390 female victims.

What countries believe this to include biological men who want to be women , I wonder…

A name change is needed. “Anyone who likes to think they’re a woman without defining whlat s woman is Day,”

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