An odd question

ImRightYoureWrong - he has a picture of Tom Hanks when you click on his avatar, but it only shows (beside the thread where it shows who posted, or when he’s liked a post) as a silhouette otherwise. Why is that?

Could be a cache issue in your browser. Try clearing your cache

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Hmmm. Maybe. But then I have to sign out and get that login problem. I guess I’ll see one of these days when I have to do it. Maybe the login problem will be solved by then lol. Thanks, your response makes sense.

But you know, Calirepub changes hers all the time and I don’t see that with her.

Clearing your browser cache shouldnt clear your cookies. Depending on your browser you can select deselect what browser data you want to delete… ex, just delete cached images and files. Either way I had the same issue when I changed my avatar.

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Hmm ya that’s weird. I had my old avatar for a very long time maybe the more you change it the less it gets cached?

It is weird. The cached idea might be it. Anyway, its odd and I don’t like it. :slight_smile:

Ha, you were right. I just cleared the cached files and images and now you’re Tom Hanks! Thank you.

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