An Independent view of the Trump affair

All that was said and done on the news and Democrat rejection against Trump reflects a scar on the people who supports him.

No wonder it appears the followers are angry.
Yet the incident yesterday I believe was an infiltration of the ANTIFA gang.


From Patriots to Antifa…narrative reprogramming

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It’s pathetic. And it works.

They’re all on camera. They’re not wearing masks. They are having a good time. Trump was proud of them.

Don’t get cold feet now.

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Insurrection isn’t focus grouping well.


I do not believe it was insurrection. He did not tell his people to break into the capitol. He did not tell his people to insight a riot. He was misled to believe the VP could make a difference in the outcome.
Don’t forget Trump is not a politician but from the business world.

what is your evidence that this was an “Antifa” infiltration?

By who? And do you think a man without a basic understanding of how our system works should have been/should be POTUS?

It wasn’t an insurrection, it was a mostly peaceful protest with a dash of rioting sprinkled on top. The only people who died were participants in the civil unrest. You’re going to hear code words like “insurrection” and “terrorists” from libs because they’re feeling relieved that people on the right finally did something remotely similar to the domestic terrorism, arson, looting, murder, and rape that has been rampant across the nation for the last year, courtesy of the left.

They need this moment to celebrate.

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First off, welcome!

It was insurrection by any definition of the term.

He is being mislead by his legal team and advisors, but the reason they are there is that those who are trying to be honest with him get fired. Now he is surrounded by lackies who fill his head with nonsense and conspiracy theories.

But bear in mind, as President he can easily determine if they are lying to him or telling him the truth. He has incredible power as President to gain whatever intelligence he needs from reliable sources. He just chose not to do so, and to instead follow the advise of legal charlatans, which has led to his disgrace at the moment.

It is one of his greater weaknesses, being prone to flattery and averse to negative news. Another is his lack of curiosity and work ethic, he could have easily determined he was being lied to but just couldn’t bother asking. He liked what he heard and facts be damned.

There is no “Trump affair”, no scar and no stain.

Those people should not have breached the building.

Some of us have been incredibly consistent on this point.

Some of us will remain consistent.

Good post. Welcome aboard. :+1:

What makes that view independent?

No it wasn’t…not even close.

My God people…get a gripe.

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