America's Role after we end our Forever War

Trump wants our “Forever War” ended.

So do most people in the US, of course. (Arms dealers and people who make a fortune off military contracts excepted.) It’s just a question of how it’s to be ended.

Let’s say Trump achieves it by removing our troops from every country - except Saudi, of course. We are energy independent but we must protect that oil for the Saudis, since they’re paying us to do so.

Can we also stop foreign aid to these countries, in particular Israel? That’s the main reason the Islamic countries hate us, because we support Israel. Time for Israel to stand on its own, too. We’re not their big brother and we owe them nothing!

Even after the US leaves the Middle East, the “Forever War” will continue because it’s been going on for a thousand years.

What should our role be, then?

Should we offer humanitarian aid to the victims of the War? Or will that embroil us back in it?

Fund both sides to make sure it continues? Arms dealers will love that, of course.

Here’s an article abut Trump’s latest initiative to get us out of the Forever War:

A Secret Accord With the Taliban: When and How the U.S. Would Leave Afghanistan - The New York Times (It’s behind a paywall, but you get the gist.)

A Secret Accord With the Taliban: When and How the U.S. Would Leave Afghanistan

The Taliban have read the secret annexes of the recently signed peace deal. But most Americans haven’t, nor have many of their elected representatives.

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Another question would be: if the USA brings all its troops back to the USA what will they all do? will they remain in the USA’s armed forces?

A further question would be will that include pulling all defence personnel from military facilities in Australia and will that compromise the USA’s security?

As long as those countries pay their bill’s I’m sure Trump will leave them where needed.

I’d remove our troops from combat to a base that can access any potential future threat, in the necessary time determined by our military leaders. “We” should not pay for the same real estate twice.

Were you referring to the USA troops in Australia?

Nope, all countries.

Interesting. I am not sure the removal of USA armed forces personnel in Australia would be considered a good idea by senior USA armed forces personnel.

I like Australia!!!@@!

Love to visit and explore!

I am sure you would enjoy your visit; you will need many weeks to be able to see many parts of Australia. Similarly, I am reasonably sure that the USA won’t be removing its armed forces personnel from Australia any time soon.

It is an important and strategic location down under.

Exactly. Hence my confidence, save a moment of madness from Trump, that the troops will stay in Australia.

What potential threats do you think there might be?

Such small thinking.


Why do we need a role?


Why don’t we need a role?

We won’t be fighting. We won’t be helping refugees, the displaced, etc.

Is that what you would like?

Why not?

Why do we?

It either is or it isn’t. He made the claim.

Your posts are useless.

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A lot of y’all want your standard of living to keep going up but don’t want the blood that comes with it, and it really shows.

Bunch of spoiled little brats in adult-sized clothing.