ALL TIME HIGH: Census Bureau Says Middle Class Income Hits ‘ALL TIME HIGH,’ Tops $61K

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Middle class income smashed expectations and reached an “all-time high” across the United States in 2017, according to new statistics released by the United States Census Bureau.

The stunning report says the median U.S. household income reached $61,372 last year, meaning half of Americans are earning more than they did during the previous high reached in 1999.

The statistics are adjusted for inflation.

“Crossing the $61,000 mark was important as it signals the American middle-class is earning a little more than it did in 1999, although the Census Bureau cautions median income is still not ‘statistically significant’ from the late 1990s. All the income figures have been adjusted for inflation and are reported in 2017 dollars,” writes the Washington Post.

“We’re continuing to see a shift from part-time to full-time work, so some of that could explain an increase in income,” said a US official at the Census Bureau.

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