All Police Are Against Americans!


Did I say all were against? Oops! I meant mostly all are for Protecting Americans.
Each day the men and women of ICE and the Police Force stick there lives
on the line for the American People.

I saw this on Fox News, and thought that there should be a thread
commending the good Samaritans, and the Excellent Police Officers
in the link below that were Brave and saved lives when needed.

Unlike the Democrat Politicians, that seem to wish to say that Police is against
the American People, want to get rid of ICE, divide this country, and invoke fear
within it to create Anarchy and Socialism.


Most cops are egotistical jackagons who got forgotten about after high school no longer mattered. lol


Uuuum what? So if someone is in trouble, and needs help, do you think that it
would be bad to call the Police to come help them out against, murderers, or robbers, or a crime in general? Or would that be bad, because they’re “egotistical” and only about themselves? lol.

I would recommend telling people that personally, because even though I disagree
with many people in life personally, Politically, morally and ethically, I would never
wish harm upon anyone. If someone was in a bad situation, I would wish that anyone and everyone would be able to receive safety as soon as possible, and through the people you call “Egotistical jackagons”, they would be able to do so, and therefore,
it might possibly save their life.


actually most officers are like this one:

Screams echoed through a Salt Lake City neighborhood September 23, 2015. Kayli Lasley was desperate for help as her older sister was being brutally attacked and stabbed by a fugitive who broke into their home.

“That’s when Ben took a shot; it was just one single shot, and if he wouldn’t have gotten there… literally one or two seconds later: I would have been dead,” Bre said.

Running toward danger and not away.

Or like these officers helping an elderly woman:

Helen “Skeeter” Smith got the dreaded phone call—her son, Randy, was gravely ill in the hospital.So Helen, 87 years old, hopped in her car in southern Nevada on Friday, jumped on I-15, and started heading north for a 350 mile trip to Ogden.

But that little dent convinced the trooper it wasn’t safe for her to continue her journey, so he had her car moved to a secure location, and gave her a ride from Fillmore to Juab County.There, he handed Helen off to Trooper Jared Jensen, who drove her to Utah County.Jensen handed her off to Trooper Chris Bishop, who drove her to Salt Lake County.There, Trooper Andrew Pollard met her in Draper, and drove Helen all the way to Ogden Regional Medical Center."


Good cops existing doesn’t negate the existence of bad cops, there is accountability issues with a lot of police district mostly because they are self governed.

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Do you mean like the corrupt cops in bigger cities, where Liberal Democrats
run the city? Because that’s where there tends to be more corruption.
Like California, New York, and Chicago.

Should we get rid of all Police, simply because there are some bad apples
in Liberal Corrupt Cities?

The rest of America should feel protected, and shouldn’t have to suffer
because of Liberal Political Corruption.


no all police complain should be investigated by a agency not related or staff by police officers.


Should they undergo specific training to know the dangers and that involved? Know reaction times? Know what weapons do what?


Yes, they should know everything to make informed nonpartisan opinion.


There’s a lot of “complaint’s” in general in life. Especially from the far left wingers in this country. There’s a huge difference between a complaint,
and something illegal, that a cop may do. Then yes, they should be held accountable.

To bad we live in a two tier justice system where only Republicans, and Republican
based organizations have to uphold the law, and are accountable for their actions, but
if it’s a Liberal Politician, or a Democrat Based Program, they get a slap on the wrist, or nothing at all.

It’s sick!!! and the Hypocrisy about it is sick! and shouldn’t be tolerated any more!

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but the Police that are wasted on false things like the Jessie Smollet
Fake Race Hate case, the more Illegal Immigrants and refugees can enter the country,
and the less time that the cops will have to vote to protecting the citizens of America!


And are these “judges” going to be paid for all their training and time or should they be volunteers?


It’s beyond sick, it’s toxic and its another poison legacy of the previous Administration.


I agree that the vast majority of police are heroes who should be thanked more often for their service to the community. If only the thin blue line that tarnishes them by association didn’t exist then maybe they would get more of that deserved appreciation


The average cop can, if he or she chose to, ruin your life far more quickly and efficiently than your worse Nancy Pelosi or AOC fantasy.

We’ve given the police that power, and it should come with a commensurate level of responsibility, oversight, and frankly punishment when they overstep their bounds.

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