#all lies matter#

Promoter in Chief.

That sounds better than professional liar. We are all aware that the president tends to present a filtered set of facts as bedrock. The best ever, the greatest ever, exceptional, never seen before. Often times the interpretation of the filtered data is accurate. IT is simply that the data is incomplete, so the statement is often times misleading, or not accurate. The phenomenon is portrayed as lying. The media is quick to indict Trump as a liar, not as someone who promotes a favorable narrative. Most will acquiesce to saying many statements are misleading.

This is generally accepted as politics. We expect politicians to dodge, dance and weave around then truth. Trump’s opponents have outright lied for years. Whether it be the Dossier, Collusion, Unstable, Racist, Misogynist, Alt Right, Nazi, Corrupt, Naïve, Not fit or whatever. Many lies have been told about Trump by politicians and the media. It is important to remember that Trump ran as a non-politician, so it is unfair for him to act like one.

Recent revelations of classified documents show that the basis of allegations against Trump were entirely fabricated. Sure, it is more enticing to advance viewership, increase ratings, by making up stories and promoting false narratives. After all, it is showbiz, not the news. If it were news, it would be based on solid information. Yet, the anti-Trump Fervor is based on lies.

So, we have a promoter in chief, and an insurgent group that says criticize no matter what. Data be damned. Promote a narrative until it is true. This is the world of useful idiots that will believe what you tell them. Even when it is demonstrably false. Trust in Schiff for those truly afflicted. Define a man’s character even if there is no way to support your conclusion with policy. Call Trump a racist even if there is no evidence to support your view, but much evidence in policy that refutes the accusations.

Words not deeds drive the opinions of the aroused. Appeal to the base with baseless claims. Let us admit that Trump misleads with his choice of words. Let us also admit that no president has ever faced an ever-lasting onslaught of misinformation from professional liars in the media and political class. Hopefully, we can agree that #allliesmatter.

Is this a guessing game?

Does the answer start with L?

Does it rhyme with “fibs”

I’m sorry, but Trump has told too many whoopers that we should just let slide because he was mis-informed.
Sometime read some the the fact check articles. Many times it isn’t because he is mis or under informed.
He tries to change public opinion. The lies he tells are blatant and the fact checkers do a pretty good job at lining up his lies with the facts.
And the fact is that his words matter. How many times has he sent the stock markets plunging because he said something stupid? And that affects anyone who has stock or retirement plans based on stocks.
But he doesn’t care.

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have any lies been told about him? by whom? how often? #allliesmatter


Doesn’t matter…I can tell when someone is lying about him. Republicans can’t tell when he’s lying to them or about them.

Trump doesn’t just mislead.

Trump lies.

Objectively speaking there is no reasonable dispute whether Trump is a liar.

(disclaimer - this isn’t poeing. I actually believe this because it’s true)

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The OP states that Trump Lies, but does that excuse all the lying of others?

Seemed like the entire point was to spin and avoid caling him a liar. Promoter in chief. Promotes a favorable narrative. The Media is quick to indict Trump as a liar. And then complain about lies told against him, which you had no problem saying they were lies.

Back to ignoring the gaslighting.

actually the entire point is this

Talk of Tyranny

Much ado about something.

Video of arrest and people being taken away in unmarked vehicles.

Soon, Trump will take over the press as Hitler did with Goebbels.

Soon, Trump will make false accusations and persecute his political enemies, as Hitler did with his enemies.

Soon, Trump will ban opposition parties as Hitler did.

Soon, Trump will ban labor unions as Hitler did.

Soon, the long knives will silence party opposition.

But then, we realize Trump does not control the press, Trump was spied on, Trumps surrogates were persecuted and jailed, Trump has been the victim of false accusations.

People are right to fear Tyranny but they do not understand who the tyrants are.

Who’s your favorite non lying politician?

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty, Nadler, AOC, Omar, Tlaib doesn’t just mislead,

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty, Nadler, AOC, Omar, Tlaib lies.

In other words, every last one of them lies. They ALL claimed that Trump had an under the table deal with Putin to steal the election. The biggest political lie in American history. And somehow, you defend it. Lying liars who lie. Every last one of them.

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There are none, except maybe Rand Paul.

exactly the point

Altair’s first law of politics:

Republican’s only care about the lies of democrats.
Democrats only care about the lies of republicans.


I can back it up. Name the democrat who did not go all in for the Russia/Trump lie? You cannot. Because they all supported it. Lying liars who lie. Every last one of them.

Read your own post again:

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Please be careful. As sensitive as you are to any response that feels like a personal attack to you, I would think you’d be vigilant about policing yourself.

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