All 19 black women running for judge in Texas county win

This should be a major story.
19 black women ran for judge in county and state judge races, 17 won, but a total of 19 sit on the bench in Harris County Texas.
Not only does it increase diversity on the bench it may increase fairer trials among minority communities. It’s also inspirational because when black girls and boys see something like this it can inspire, I too am capable in achieving this. Despite a lot of nonsense WE WILL CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE. Great Job Ladies!

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I saw an article yesterday where Isaac Hayes brought this to everyone’s attention. Wow…

What is that supposed to mean?

Kick rocks.

In Texas no less, good for them.

Someone should make a documentary

I hope their careers are exemplary examples of how to do things right. This can have positive effects for decades to come if they lead the way.

I’ve found Texas to be a very welcoming place.

If it sucks so bad for minorities, why do cities like Dallas have, for instance, a vibrant Muslim community? Why did all of these women have the courage to run if it sucks that bad?

Why do black, Latino, Filipino, other Asians migrate there if it sucks that badly for them?