Alex Jones, Backtracking, Now Says Sandy Hook Shooting Did Happen

“In a YouTube video, Jones said he now believes the shooting really happened, and that the families are being used by the Democratic Party and the news media.”

I’d say he’s now changing his tune to try to avoid losing in court. I wish we could all come together and not listen to crazy people like Jones. It just makes everything more toxic.

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I hope this idiot loses everything.

I hope Trump does the right thing and denounces him.

He’s throwing all his followers under the bus on this one.

Few months back he said the whole Infowarz Alex Jones character was a part he only played for a living. Think it was during his divorce and in court. Crazy.

And his supporters said he only said that for the court case me slapped Jones on the back for sticking it to the man. Idiots.

I would be interested to see his explanation as to why he has changed his mind?

Jones supporters and Trump supporters are one and the same. Whenever either idiot says something that contradicts an earlier statement or position they assert they are playing some multi dimensional game of chess.

There are not enough Tactical Wipes in Jones’ arsenal to ever erase his stench.

How? Did he call for death threats?

Unless Jones is put out of business he won’t stop spreading lies. Heck, he’ll probably keep doing it even if he is put out of business.

Jones is deserving of a basket completely unto himself.

He should settle. He will not lose but it will cost more to defend it.

That’s probably true.

I’m surprised Alex Jones’ mouth has not become corrupt with ulcers and open sores developed from the untold number of filthy lies and mistruths he has uttered. Much like The Mouth of Sauron!

Luckily, there are plenty of videos to support that lawsuit. I hope they bankrupt him.

Great opinion piece from one of the victim’s father and the one suing this clown.

"The lies that he’s told about me, as part of his effort to portray the tragedy at Sandy Hook as a hoax or conspiracy, are disrespectful to me. But his larger efforts are also a disrespect to my son, a disrespect to the first responders who were so dedicated there that day, a disrespect to the FBI, a disrespect to the state police and a disrespect to the entire community in Newtown. The lies that Alex Jones continues to pedal about that day — saying that it never happened — affects them emotionally, too.

And it’s not limited to him: Alex Jones has got a big following, which is scary in a way. You have people that follow him and act out on his statements and his remarks. For instance, I had a woman come up to me one day, give me a hug, and genuinely say how sorry she was for my loss. Then, she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Do you think Sandy Hook really happened? Do you think people died?” It just blew my mind; there are just no words for how I felt."