Alan Dershowitz In 2016: Trump Is Corrupt, Will Likely Be Corrupt As President

Wonder what changed his mind?

Just like he changed mind on impeachment, “you don’t need a crime”…and Now you do need a crime or something “crime like”.

“When you compare that to what Trump has done with Trump University, with so many other things, I think there’s no comparison between who has engaged in more corruption and who is more likely to continue that if elected President of the United States,” Dershowitz said.

And him to the long list of conservative sellouts

A cashiers check, he’s smart enough not to defend Trump at the trial without getting paid up front.

He knows that Trump has a habit of not paying contractors.

That was him attempting to look forward but now has the opportunity to look back at the factual evidence…with perfect…literally…wait for it…2020 vision. :sunglasses:

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When did he become a conservative?

Same thing that made him leap Jeffery Epstein’s defense team. $$$$$$$

He willingly jumps into the sewer to swim with poop when there’s boatloads of cash to grab.

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Who cares.

I would assume, at a minimum, the person in this thread saying he is one.

Only Alan would know the actual date

Wonder what changed his mind? The facts, and Trump’s record of doing great things changed his mind. You see, Dershowitz has something that millions of Democrats do not have: Intellectual Honesty, and the ability to admit that he was wrong.

For now you we can all see Dershowitz’ defenses of OJ Simpson and Jeffrey Epstein as shining examples of what you believe demonstrates “intellectual honesty”.

The role of a defense lawyer is to defend their client(s) vigorously. That has nothing to do with the truth. Dershowitz is doing what he believes he has to do to defend Trump. I have no idea whether Dershowitz believes a word of it.

Your faith in the opinion of Dershowitz is admirable.

What silly libs fail to take into account is Dershowitz’s ability to see how Donald changed from adulterous, mendacious, grasping, buffoonish corrupt clown to champion of God and Country the moment he became POTUS.

That Oath of Office has eerie powers, I tells ya.