Alabama started reopening may 11.montgomery just ran out of ICU beds

this is what social distancing was trying to prevent but early reopening aggrivates

How many cases like this are there in states that began the reopening process early? How are CO, GA, and FL doing as far as hospitals being overrun?

It was reported last night that GA has been declining for 3 weeks. FL doing good as well. Haven’t heard anything about CO.

I wish they were more transparent in these articles. I work at a hospital and each day we get a report stating the virus numbers. Including how many Covid patients are hospitalized in our state and across our systems. This CNN article doesn’t even really say that the ICU beds are full due to the virus. As an essential worker within the healthcare system, I am so disappointed that this has been politicized and we really could use some true reporting and transparency. Politics is causing this to worse than it needs to be.


This graph doesn’t look very downward to me.

Neither does Florida’s for that matter.

Georgia recorded almost 80 deaths yesterday. Hope it isn’t reversing.

Go outside and get some â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  fresh air already, people! lol

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There’s no spike, as far as I can see. We expect cases to go up as testing increases, as well as viral spread. However, my comment isnt concerned with an inevitable increase in cases. Its whether or not those 3 states have seen hospital overrun. Have they?

No clue about the ICUs. I was just pointing out to the other guy that the current graphs aren’t indicating a downward trend right now.

When they moved Utah from Red to Orange. In the breifing they said 57% of Utah’s ICU beds were in use. Let you freak out for a moment. Then they clarified that only something like 13% of that usage was due to COVID-19 patiends, the remaining were from other reasons.

Deaths really mean nothing. It’s new cases you need to look at. If you have less cases coming on line, eventually you will have less hospitilizations and less deaths. Deaths now are from new cases from days to weeks to months ago.

Positive cases do not necessarily translate to more deaths or even hospitalizations.

The vast, vast majority of cases are being resolved at home.

Deaths are what does matter.


Never said they did. What I did say is that increases in confirmed cases are expected.

Here are 7 day moving average of new hospitilizations for GA, CO, and FL since May 1. Data is taken from -

CO has some screwy numbers - they have one day (May 8) showing 597 new hospitilzations, which is a huge anomaly.


GA -
CO -
FL -

No it doesn’t. That is suspicious. It states there is a shortage apart from the virus.

More fake news.

Not you. I used yours as a great point.

I think it is more about hospital capacity.

This article is garbage. Doe not even tell how stressed Birmingham is. That tells me they are not in any danger of reaching capacity.

Social distancing was intended to avoid a 90 mile drive?

How rare is it for someone from a small town to have to/choose to go to a hospital in a nearby large city?


Nope. But to have a COVID caused death they have to test positive for COVID.

Yes they are, well over 90%

Deaths do matter. But if they havn’t tested positive for COVID . . . it’s not a COVID death (no matter what New York says).

So without an increase in COVIC cases, you will run out of people that will die. They are already sick.