Alabama church had a revival meeting last week. now they almost all have covid-19

a multi day revival meeting
no masks required.

in the words of the pastor
“We knew what we were getting into,” Ross said. “We knew the possibilities. But, my goodness, man, for three days we had one of the old-time revivals. It was unbelievable. And everybody you ask, if you talk to our church members right now, they’d tell you we’d do it again. It was that good

if anyone dies the pastor should be charged with negligent homicide.
in addition the church should have to pay the medical expenses of anyone that got sick as well as the expenses of anyone in the community that gets sick

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I disagree, the pastor shouldn’t be held responsible. If everyone in the retreat knew it was a possibility, they are all responsible for themselves.

However, since they knowingly did this, every hospital and doctor should refuse to allow them in for treatment. They should be told to go home and take some aspirin.


I do not know about that. Ultimately these Church goers had a choice. This pastor did not force them to go to Church.

MAYBE if this pastor forced Church staff to work that day, you might have a point. But outside of that… The people who attended voluntarily knew the risks.

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No the pastor should not be charged for anything.

The article said most church members did not attend because of the virus.

But hey, herd immunity for the rest of us!

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…and yet there are 2 to 3 thousand in Portland having a revival of the age of Insurrection just outside the federal Courthouse…they remain immune…Someone needs to find out how they are doing it and don’t tell me its the masks…the masks aren’t THAT effective…or ARE they.


The stupid is strong. We will continue to hear stories like this. Often with the fun spin of we didn’t think it would happen to us!

Stupidity hurts

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Yes. They are effective. They not only decrease the risk of acquiring the virus they also lessen the “dosage” which affects the severity of the virus within the host body


It should. Much like anti-vaxxers, however, this brand of stupid has the potential to hurt innocents.

That mirrors my attitude towards the protests…riots…and insurrection.

Fair is fair and more herd immunity is a good thing.

It’s almost like the clever ones are duping the less clever ones to mingle and activate the herd immunity.


Good to know. I had not heard it put quite that way before.


Yes. The smaller the initial dose/exposure to Coronavirus the less severe the virus tends to be

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Who could go to church for three days in a row?

If someone wears a mask improperly…say below the nose region…does it still work?

Seems like that would still help some.


Masks and outdoors.

Big difference.

There has been no indication that the protests have lead to spikes.

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Good to know.

It is really frightening to think it can get anyone at almost any time.


Still helps becuae is keeps the spit that you generate while talking from flying everywhere. But obviously not perfect becuae your nose generates snot. But Regular breathing, the nose is aimed down.

They are outside. They aren’t confined in a building with the same 40+ people night and day for a week.

She gets somethings correct.

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