AG Garland testifies before House Committee

The Dims are circling the wagons showing their hand of their 2024 platform. TDS, J6 and abortion. And the questions about Hunter Biden, Weiss are getting the shell game treatment again. :rofl:


Weiss - he’s that guy Trump appointed, right?

Why yes, yes he did. Prez Trump appointed Merrick Garland also. How about that?

How does anyone could look at a malignant, base-stroking, do-nothing kayfabe clown like Jim “I have no respect for Congressional subpoenas” Jordan talking to this soft-spoken law-geek, and think: “This Congressman seems like a thoughtful, decent human being.”


I like it when he gets mad because I know he’s fighting for me.


We’re all sick of Merrick Garland’s Hollywood showboating to cover Biden’s crimes. He’s just pursuing his personal and political communist agenda for destroying the United States. Only people like Jordan and Matt Gaetz are there to protect us.


Garland is not a law geek. He’s a partisan hack.


Only the best eh.

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How does anyone take Pelosi’s boi Swalwell seriously as he sits and pontificates knowing his campaign money was coming from a ChiCom spy he was banging? :rofl:


garland… I was expecting something more flowery…

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Damn skippy. Every Dimbulbcrat on todays committee sang the praises of Garland and outlined in detail his accomplishments and accolades.
Someone that astute still claims he knows nothing about FBI plainclothes agents infiltrating Roman Catholics while they worship as suspected terrorists. Or parents attending school board meetings. Garland mentions Robert Wray as the individual they should be talking to. Ok Mr AG, do these “rogue” agents still have jobs? After all, you have let us know about yours and your family’s religious values. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

McConnell dodged us a bullet with that one.


McConnell is an empty suit.

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Did anyone learn anything new from today’s hearing or was it just a platform to recycle established positions?

Whether you are on the right or the left, as a consumer, watching Congesspersons and staff work today, do you think the your tax money was well spent?

I don’t think any legislation passed today.

That is usually a win for the tax paying.


So any progress on the budget? They do realize the deadline is getting pretty close, right? And that’s one responsibility the constitution clearly lays out.

Because they don’t think like that. It’s the spectacle, first, foremost, and always.

Like how y’all acting like this is the first time ever. But then, that’s usually how libs play it, preying on the perpetually dumb to not remember the last time it happened, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the…

This is so standard anymore, no one even pays attention.


Compared to who? Jeff Sessions? Bill Barr? Eric Holder? Janet Reno? You? That accusation is 100% empty calories.

Let me get this straight: You look at a hearing like this, with a do-nothing ■■■■ wad like Jim Jordan—a guy who refuses to honor subpoenas from his own branch of the government—hacking it up for sound bites, and conclude: “Wow, that Merrick Garland is a hack”? LOL. Have you ever thought about a career as a pro-wrestling referee?

I don’t know his party affiliation. I do know has one of the only credentials that actually matter to the GOP: he’s a member of the Federalist Society.


One of Wisconsin’s great congressmen was right on point asking where oh where oh where has the Attorney General of the USA been all this time in the wake of the Great Naked Bike Ride in a Wisconsin district far outside of his own? I mean after all, Rep Tom Tiffany wrote “2 letters!” to Garland asking him what he’s going to do about that!!!

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