After Kavanaugh

A post by @SixFoot in the pictures thread got me thinking about this… there was a picture of two headlines by the same journalist at slate. One stating how Americans should be absolutely terrified of Kavanaugh because of what he allegedly did, and the other saying it’s absolutely a good thing that Cuomo is still in power regardless of the accusations. I simply cannot understand this thinking. Can anyone from the left explain it to me?



When the media is on your side, you were never the resistance.


There is more evidence against Cuomo than there is Kavenaugh.

I hope that there is a thorough investigation of Cuomo and let the chips fall where they may. But it isn’t looking good.

Anyone can go back and look at my stance on Kavenenaugh and the accusation…that it should have been investigated but at the end of the day it was doubtful that anything beyond a he said/she said could be established and all that would be proven is that Kavenaugh was a drunken dudebro when he was younger.

I am disappointed in those who are not consistent in their views on this and that also includes my friends on the right who could give a crap about “their side”


Thanks for the response. Is consistency too much to ask for from journalists?

Some of them really suck. I do tend to ignore op-eds because a lot of them are pretty useless.

Of course it is well known that journalists often don’t have any control over the headlines of their columns.

Complete excusal. Not surprised.


she is no journalist

I’m asking because she explicitly states she is right in her article.

is that what happened here at the “slate” ?

oh does she?

lol. gold

well she’s a liar. and a leftist nitwit. like most so-called journalists

One an elected official with term.

Another is lifetime appointment.


Your original post specifically spoke to the headlines. I did not proffer any comments of the contents of the articles nor did I proffer an excuse for the headlines. My post pointed out that journalist do not necessarily have any input into their articles’ headlines.

Sheople gotta eat and the troughs have to be filled and that will be consistent going forward…promise.

Doesn’t matter if Cuomo gets bounced out.

One lib out will just be replaced by the next lib in NY.


Oh, ok then. No foul I guess. What a ■■■■■■ up justification that is.

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Outstanding post - much respect.

Last time I check, Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court and Merrick Garland isn’t. Spare me your outrage.

Great contribution to the thread. :clap:

I think this will work in Cuomo’s favor. The government is loaded with pigs who abuse people. The real crime is the nursing scandal. Nobody is talking about it anymore. He survives this because democrats want him to. Simple as that.

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