Advice they need, or poor shaming?

So, Chase Bank sent out a tweet on Monday, their Monday Motivation, giving people advice on how to save money and get out of poverty.

Social media accused them of “poor shaming” and so of course they’ve backed down - apologized and removed the advice.

God I wish for once these banks and other entities would stick to their guns and not back down every time someone whines about insensitivity.

Having said that, their advice was good, common sense advice.

I’d be more interested to know why the poor don’t follow that advice. (But then, neither do the middle class who live paycheck to paycheck, either.)

It’s more about that Chase looks like a giant hypocrite. They accepted a bailout of $25 billion. It’s as simple as that.


If people would just start making their own coffee they would be in a better financial position. This is common sense.

I would normally agree (world is too PC), but that ■■■■ was simply patronizing.