Advertising and Marketing - What works with you?

The “in” thing these days for blog posts for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes is to put numbers in the title.

5 reasons to buy life insurance.
10 best winter escapes

You get the idea.

Then there are certain buzz words.

Send for your free booklet now" has been replaced by “Claim your free booklet today!”

“Claim” is supposed to be more powerful than “send for.”

Has anyone else noticed new advertising buzz words and phrases - and do they work on you?

Hmm…I haven’t really noticed. Which could mean the changes are effective on a subconscious level, but then I haven’t bought anything beyond groceries since Christmas so who knows.

Free trials!

Not my cup of tea.

But we have people in my company that do nothing but eat, drink and breath advertising and marketing. :smile:

Mostly as it relates to corporate consumption as we for the most part don’t sell products directly to individual consumers.

Those words are for advertisers who don’t actually have a worthwhile product lol.