Administrative Office of the United States Courts sends 17 legislative proposals to Congress, including additional supplemental appropriations and new Judgeships in 7 extremely backlogged districts

First link is the press release from the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and the second link are the letters to Congress and the actual legislative proposals.

I support all 17 proposals as submitted.

Proposal 1: $25 million in supplemental appropriations for COVID-19 response, such as cleaning, remote telework equipment, etc.

Proposal 2: $9.4 million in supplemental appropriations for Federal Defender services, primarily to hire additional Federal Defenders to help clear the criminal case backlog.

Proposal 3: $2.2 million in supplemental appropriations for remote security and personal protective equipment.

Proposal 4: Allows for the early termination of supervised release in the interests of justice.

Proposal 5: Reduces unnecessary detention of low risk pretrial defendants.

Proposal 6: For the remainder of the COVID-19 emergency, allows compassionate release motions to go directly to District Court without the normal 30 day requirement to exhaust administrative remedies.

Proposal 7: Focuses scarce electronic monitoring on high risk defendants.

Proposal 8: Allows pretrial services to eliminate certain mandatory reports that would not be useful to the District Court in making bail determinations.

Proposal 9: Eliminates certain duplicate reports to victims of crime.

Proposal 10: Clarifies obligations for pre-release custody.

Proposal 11: Increase speed of consideration of compassionate release motions.

Proposal 12: Converts 8 of the 10 existing temporary judgeships to permanent judgeships.

1 – Kansas
1 – Missouri Eastern
1 – Arizona
1 – California Central
1 – Florida Southern
1 – New Mexico
1 – North Carolina Western
1 – Texas Eastern

Temporary judgeships in Alabama Northern and Hawaii are unaffected.

Proposal 13: Would add a total of 7 judgeships in the following extremely backlogged districts.

1 – Indiana Southern
1 – Delaware
1 – New Jersey
1 – Texas Western
1 – Arizona
1 – Florida Southern
1 – California Eastern

Proposal 14: Allows certain retired judges in the United States Territories to serve immediately as senior judges.

Proposal 15: Eliminates unfair leave requirements for Senior Court Executives as opposed to their legislative and executive branch counterparts.

Proposal 16: Allows bankruptcy courts to toll certain deadlines due to COVID-19 during the continuation of the current emergency.

Proposal 17: Authorized a 60 day extension of the deadline for certain reports due from the Judiciary under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Love to see our Judiciary earnestly seeking to adjudicate. I suspect the Administrative Office is staffed with mostly fine people. Has that been your experience, Safiel?

I have never seen any major problems with that office It seems to run efficiently.

Three additional proposals I missed earlier:

Proposal 18: Converts numerous bankruptcy judgeships from temporary to permanent.

Proposal 19: Allows District Judges to cancel certain required pro bono promotion events during the current emergency.

Proposal 20: Adds an ex-officio, non voting Federal Defender member to the United States Sentencing Commission.

I support all three of these proposals and strongly support proposal 20.