ADAM SCHIFF: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Peter Strzok Should Still be at the FBI | Sean Hannity

Democratic lawmaker Adam Schiff admitted he wasn’t sure if anti-Trump DOJ official Peter Strzok should still be employed by the FBI this week, saying he acted “inappropriately” but didn’t go so far as to call for his removal from the agency.

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What’s with Liar Schiff, it must’ve been one of his weaker moments!

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well that just about knocked me over…hell must have frozen over…running outside right now to see if there are any pigs flying

I don’t think Adam should be around either both are Hillary lovers and both are probably up to their neck in quicksand.

He’d be screaming from the rooftops if his text messages bashed Hillary. Schiff would be demanding a re-vote. Give me a break.Peter and his love bird need to be prosecuted and if the IG didn’t find any bias (hahaha!) why does the FBI need to be retrained on bias? Strozk is now sitting in the Human Resource dept of the FBI, retraining people on bias. You can’t make this stuff up!!

The FBI is and had been so corrupt that it is nothing more than a political strong arm of the left wing liberal Democratic Party. The FBI is no longer to be trusted, therefore it has lost all effectiveness as a legislative body. It is way past time for it to be completely cleaned out or better yet disbanded.