Ad banner across top of page

is anyone else getting an ad banner?

just started doing this.


Looks like you have downloaded a malware pop up.

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I’m getting them… recent

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same here. thanks for mentioning!

problem seems to be gone - thank you staff

and it’s back.

You have malware on your computer. It is hoping you will click so it can download more. Check your notifications allowed list to see if something is there. I had to delete most allowed notifications to get one off of my system a while back.

I experienced it on my work iPhone and there is definitely no malware installed on that.

I suspect its a new form of advertising. Just like the good old days of the cascading gold coins.

I don’t have it on mine.

it’s occurring on my iphone. latest IOS

some more info when i click “why these ads”

The only time I see ads is if I’m logged out (so far). I had my ad blocker disabled for this site when I was a mod because it was messing with the way the backend pages loaded.

Basically, this thread just reminded me to adjust my whitelist. Now the ads are gone no matter what. lol

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what adblocker we using?

looks like some adblocking did the trick. for now anyway

Ublock Origin was always my favorite for PC.

AdBlock is a decent app for android users.

Brave Browser has ad blockers built in.

There are even software options that can be installed on compatible routers to prevent ads from entering the home network altogether.


i gotta get savvy enough to implement on router level!

adguard working for the moment tho :+1:t6:

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I was getting the Google ad banner at the bottom of the page earlier today (thankfully, it’s gone now) which you can close down so you can’t see it. Unfortunately, the button that reopened it was at the lower left of the page and covered half of the Reply button on this text box, so every so often, my finger would hit that button and open the ad instead of sending the reply. :angry:

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def by design!

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It was back again this morning … but gone now. What’s the deal?


frkn internet.

mines been good but who knows….