ACTIVE SHOOTER: Reports of Gunman at Indiana Middle School, 2 Critically Injured | Sean Hannity

A suspected gunman was taken into custody Friday morning after opening fire at an Indiana middle school, critically injuring at least two victims.

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If a person was seen opening fire at a school, how can he be called a “suspected” gunman?

ACTIVE GUNAMN! six days ago., more info as it becomes available…

This is an old story. It looks like the board is being flooded with old news stories for some reason.

My ex-wife’s niece was two doors down from the shooter, and I’m told the teacher who stopped the shooter was her gym coach. From what my ex tells me, the kid is understandably shaken up. The gym teacher is a bad ass, though, and I’m glad there wasn’t more damage done.

And just as an aside, way to be on the ball on this one. Nothing beats “breaking news” nearly a week later. This unrelenting flood of stories today is quite curious indeed.


Lol! yeah, it’s gone bat ■■■■ nuts.