Active shooter in Pittsburgh

It seems that this shooting has been going on for some time…

I wonder why superior force has yet to be used

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I watched a film on TCM last night with the same plot. Great film noir.

“The Long Night”

Do they have enough funding to catch him?

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He dead, before the second post in this thread.

It was a 4.5 hour standoff, though. The pd might have gone into OT.


Local news was obnoxious with coverage.

Bad guy did not want to pay rent. Started shooting…dead by PD…only victim.

Made a mess of the neighborhood though.

Lesson here? Pay your rent.

Interesting how the media reports. “Did not pay rent” Yes, sheriff’s deputies were there with an eviction notice and bad guy opens up sending the LEOs running for cover. Media reports “over 100 rounds” expended and the deputies “ran out of ammo”.
Guess we’ll hear more, well maybe.

If he would have claimed asylum he could be in a nice Motel 6 all expenses paid right now.


I’m from Pittsburgh, the city not “the surrounding area”. So this drew my attention and I know the Greenfield neighborhood. Not sure what it’s like now I moved away from Pittsburgh many years ago. Following the local papers there is a coming DA election coming. The Dim candidate, Dugan’s campaign is financed in part by guess who? Yup, Soros. The Republican, Zappala, lost the Dimbulbcrat primary then switched parties so basically it’s the primary all over again.
Zappala will lose again, Pittsburgh and Allegheny county is a Dimwit stronghold like Philthydelphia do the Dimbulbcrat electing and hold the majority of the electoral votes.
This Dugan chooch wins it will be more of the same criminals are the real victims mentality that is working so well in Philthydelphia, NYC, Chicago, LA, SF Seattle etc. etc
Pittsburgh PD? You’re ■■■■■■ brothers and sisters.

The shooting was in Garfield area.

Zappala has been good. I am holding out hope he can win.

For Wu…Garfield is a neighborhood in the city limit. What I consider a middle class neighborhood. Not Squirrel Hill better than average and not East Liberty less than average in crime and livability.

See, I’ve been away from home for far too long :crazy_face:
You’re correct it is Garfield right by the cemetery. Greenfield is north of Hazelwood.

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Shooter claimed to be a Moor and not bound by the law. I’ve heard of this “movement”, they are always confrontational and believe they are exempt from any laws or rules because of a US and Morroco treaty from the 18th century. They do a lot of property squatting and are a pain in the ass.
This chooch had previous contact with LEOs and guess he figured this was the hill to die on (literally) for his beliefs?

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There were several shootings this weekend. Wonder what’s going on. Probably global climate change warming.

Reporter: Why did you and your deputies shoot the man so much?

Sheriff: We ran out of bullets.

Why did you shoot him 63 times?

Climate change … maybe covid.

We ran out of bullets.

Not sure but it was reported the deputies that made initial contact to serve the eviction notice did not put the shooter down. They did in fact run out of bullets during the shootout. I’m thinking a SWAT sniper took this guy down.

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Check out this hubris. It wasn’t unpaid rent. He was squatting in his dead brothers home.

Family thinks he was nice and should not have died.

They protested…with masks… outside.

The crazy is here.

I really can’t stand the “he’s a vet with ptsd!” anymore.

Maybe it’s true in this guys case. But it’s turned into a scapegoat for any misbehavior by any veteran. I’m sorry SPC Jones, the supply requests you were filing on base did not give you ptsd.