ACOSTA DENIED: Jim Acosta BOOTED from White House by Secret Service

Originally published at: ACOSTA DENIED: Jim Acosta BOOTED from White House by Secret Service | Sean Hannity

CNN’s senior correspondent Jim Acosta was barred entry to the White House this week after a new secret service agent reportedly failed to recognize the reporter; telling him to retrieve his press pass before entering the premises.

The altercation was captured on video Wednesday, showing Acosta asking to be allowed entry to the White House as the Secret Service agent refused; eventually forcing the journalist to leave the area.

Acosta is no stranger when it comes to controversy regarding the President.

The CNN correspondent came under fire earlier this year after he publicly harassed the First Family during the annual White House Easter festivities.

The comment by the person who issues the tweet, suggesting Acosta was having a meltdown, seems disproved by their own video. He seemed conciliatory and thanked the Secret Service agent as he voluntarily left. Why the need for the added hyperbole I wonder?

It was reported the same way Acosta would have reported it.

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It was a very gradual meltdown, like an ice cube left out at 33F.


Meltdown? Lol

That meltdown report reminds me of the image on Time magazine of Trump melting down right before he won.

So you admit that it’s fake news.

the “melt down” was hyperbole. The denial of access was accurate …and appropriate.