ACOSTA DENIED: Jim Acosta BOOTED from White House by Secret Service | Sean Hannity

CNN’s senior correspondent Jim Acosta was barred entry to the White House this week after a new secret service agent reportedly failed to recognize the reporter; telling him to retrieve his press pass before entering the premises.

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All I can say is karma is a witch. LOL

It is disappointing to see the use of adjectives so abused in this article. Acosta was not “BOOTED” nor could one describe his reaction as “Unhinged”. AT least, that is not what was shown on the video. It actually showed Acosta as being relatively polite. In his appearances during the Press Briefings he is obnoxious and rude, but here he was composed. We expect OX-EX from the “fake news” outlets, but not from FOX News. BTW, OX = Oxen, a castrated bull, and EX = excrement, no explanation needed.

Not to take sides with Acosta…I find it hard to see anything hostile or even approaching a meltdown in this clip. The agent was also calm and professional. Weird of him to assume that he could just enter the White House on his own recognizance. News media is breeding comtempt by blowing
so many things completely out of proportion.

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My God can we cut down on the hyperbole.

#1 He wasn’t “BOOTED” from the White House, he had to return to his car and get his badge.

#2 There was no “altercation”, he was refused entry and left to get his badge.

#3 He wasn’t “forced” to leave the area, he went back to his car to get his badge.

#4 The woman in uniform isn’t an Agent of the USSS, she is an “Officer” in the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division. USSS Agents are involved with physical protection of the President and other important officials and provide law enforcement involving financial systems. “Officer” not “Agent” - use of agent is an attempt to make it sound bigger than it was.


i think you guys failed to realize this acosta character trying to enter the white house without following procedure.
he thinks his being CNN correspondent for 5 years means he can walk through the doors of the white house as if he was potus himself.
■■■■ off with his entitlement.

not composed.
that’s him losing his patience, thinking his being around 5 years means anything to any person of authority in charge of making sure dickheads like him don’t enter unless following proper procedure.
all he had to do was bring his press pass. he didn’t have to argue with the officer/agent/whoever.

LOL, you all think this is bad, go on over to MSNBC or ABC and look at some of their news post. This is tame compared to those. All news outlets build up the story, this one is kind of muted, but any liberal website always has the nuclear option when they post anything political.

So why does #CNN Jim Acosta hang around and argue with the by Secret Service Uniformed Division officers? He’s wasting time if had to return to his car and get his badge. Does he always leaves his White House credential in an unsecured place like his car? Wow. What an invitation for someone to break into his car! Yah right. It’s just a stupid badge.

I would hope the White House is more secure than an airport where everyone needs a boarding pass or employee ID to get into the secured area. Everyone needs to follow security procedures, except for Hillary Clinton, of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: